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Living room/dining room layout design??

Laura Balan
7 years ago


I am building a house and the most dificult part for me is to designe the living/dining room. I am searching for solutions/pictures for months till now and nothing... so if you can help me with some solutions it will be great.

The room has 7/6 m (287 inches/236 inches), it will have to include a big "L" shape couch, a dinning table for 8-12 people, a TV and a fireplace. The fireplace can be placed only in the areas colored with green.

The area between the terrace door and the house entrance hall can be frequently passed when guests are visiting.

There is a great view from the 3 big windows of the room.

I will be verry happy if you can suggest some placement options for the furniture.

Thanks a lot!

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