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brighten up my living/dining room combo: need layout and design ideas

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Time to brighten up! Getting rid of the black leather couch and chairs, and thought that the change in furniture would be a good opportunity to rethink layout and design in general. Would love your tips and furniture suggestions (specific brand/model even!).

Things we'll keep: entryway table, dining room table, media console at back of dining room (currently used for linens and games). Would like to keep the idea of comfortable seating for at least 5 in the living room, with flexible seating to add more when guests are here.

Things we can change (or get rid of) besides couch and chairs: entryway bench, coffee table and end table, sofa table, dining room chairs. We can move the rug somewhere else in the house as it is too small, for current layout at least. Could change paint colors too.

Things we can add: interesting lighting over the dining room table, (adjustable) lighting for near sofa and/or chairs, other flexible seating options like stools or poufs (perhaps under a table somewhere?),

Trouble spots: front door opens into living room space. We tried to provide a focal point with the table and mirror in front of you upon entry, and have a bench to the side to create a sense of separation with the living room. But open to other ideas.

No need for a tv, but would consider one if unobtrusive.

Would love your ideas!

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