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Light fixture recommendations? General bathroom lighting advice?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hi guys,

remodeling a small master bath starting Monday. Using Ikea's glossy white godmorgon vanity (like this only smaller)

And subway tile like this picture.

My question regards the medicine cabinet, which is also in the godmorgon line, and is in the picture above. It is not recessed. It sticks out about five inches. Given this info, what kind of light fixture should I use? IKEA sells one but I'm not really a fan. It is not flattering and isn't really bright enough to be the sole light source. Additionally I'm not sure it is dimmable. Obviously I want to light up my face... Most light fixtures don't seem like they'd stick out far enough to avoid casting a shadow on your face. I want to use the ikea cabinet because I want to see if my contractor will add outlets to the inside, which is wood with mirrored looking stuff on it as opposed to a real mirror, so it should not be impossible (this is what the Internet has told me).

I also, more generally, love the idea of a couple kinds of light options--above the mirror, sconces, and dimmers for one or both. I am a lighting snob as a migraine sufferer and I am hoping to really get this aspect of things right

I do also like this Kohler cabinet, which is recessable but which is also smaller. That's a downside for several reasons--less light reflected, less storage space, etc. however choosing a light fixture becomes much easier!

KOHLER K-3073-NA Archer Mirrored Cabinet

So----thoughts about lighting up that IKEA mirrored cabinet or about choosing between that kohler or IKEA cabinet? Bath lighting in general?

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