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Help with size of backsplash & moulding for 31 x66 Powder room - Now

7 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

A few years ago I asked on this site for help with the backsplash & moulding and a few days ago I was asked about the finished room. Since I've changes the wall colour from blue to white and find that the backsplash stands out a bit more. Here is the end result:

Backsplash goes all around the powder room:

Cabinet door in mirror to add some depth & brighten up the room while hiding toiletries.

Mirror wall to wall to create the illusion that it's bigger

Hiding the plumbing so that it's easier to clean & look at.


Four years ago:


I have a very small powder room: 31" x 66". We put panelings up to the top of the sink and toilet.

Now we are thinking of putting mouldings at the top and bottom of the backsplash. We have a moulding 2 1/4" for the bottom part and one that is 1 1/4" for the top. We are thinking of putting an 8" backsplash.

On the wall where the sink is, we are planning of putting a mirror wall to wall right above the top moulding. At the back we are also putting mirror on the cabinet doors.

My husband thinks that the size of the mouldings and the height of the backsplash might be too heavy for such a small place. He is suggesting that the mouldings are the same size: 1 1/4" and that the backsplash should be 4".

Any advices?


With the 8" backsplash:

With the 6" backsplash:

With the 8":

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