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Window AC leaking - tilt problem?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I'm hoping someone here can help me with one of our window AC units. This one particular unit (an LG 6,000 BTU model LW6013ER) has a persistent problem with leaking inside. The drain hole in the back appears to be clear as far as I can tell. The internet says that we should adjust the tilt, but I just can't figure out how - the metal brackets (at the top and bottom) that hold the side wings and go up against the window can't be moved. The bottom bracket is sitting flush against the window stool (in the space between the stool and the interlocking weather stripping). The top bracket is flush against the inside of the sash. We do have storm windows, but removing the frame from one window did not seem to help. I moved the unit to a different window and we still have the same problem. Even if I could come up with some sort of jig to adjust where the bottom bracket sits (to tip it out more), then the side wings wouldn't be flush against the stop bead and you wouldn't be able to seal it. There must be something obvious that I'm missing here. We do get a LOT of water since we live in SE Virginia by the Chesapeake Bay and the humidity is very, very high. Any advice?

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