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Which white granite and backsplash to go with my blue gray cabinets?

6 years ago

Hi guys! I have a dilemma with my kitchen again. We are finally doing our countertops and I don't know which white granite and backsplash will look good with our bluish gray cabinets. I want a clean look, nothing traditional but my husband likes something bold. We had installed dark espresso bamboo wood floors. We will eventually paint after we install the countertops and pick a backsplash.

I originally wanted Carrera marble but had no idea how expensive it was!! I found something similar in granite called "white graysia"(pic below). I like how the whole marble look is classic but in trend right now. I also picked this gray, white matchstick backslash to go with it. My husband thinks all of it will be too bland. So we took a look at "white ice" (pic) but I don't care for the warm yellow in it. Looked at "antique white" but it looked too creamy. "Ice blue" (pic) looked nice but I'm not sure if will work with the cabinets.

I looked online and found many more such as "river white" and "super white" but they all vary from pic to pic. At this point I'm driving myself crazy because we have to give a final decision by Monday morning!

Pls if anyone can give me some ideas on countertops with names and backsplash color ideas I would really reallly appreciate it!!! I wouldn't mind paint color or lighting suggestions either ;D I will include a pic of part of the kitchen and some pics of the slabs I saw at the warehouse. Thank you!!! Hope to hear from you all soon!

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