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Best Window/Model for 2nd Story Picture window replacement?

6 years ago

I have a 15 year old house that has a 2-story great room, with 4 upper windows that are picture windows. Unfortunately two of them face due south, get a ton of weather, and the windows themselves are of disputable quality. They have "failed" in such a way that they are now dripping water into the interior cavity and coming out the top of the windows directly below it. Common problem for great rooms with these types of windows.

They are wood interior with clad exterior. Exterior is wrapped with 6" cedar, and then stucco.

I am working with contractor who has quoted me what I think it is smart plan, but want ti make sure I am not missing something.

He generally uses Marvin, and recommends the Integrity in this situation for the following reason: "the reason I use the Integrity vs the Clad is because the integrity is a Fiberglass exterior and frame. Its 75% fiberglass and 25% wood, which reduces the opportunity for rot. Also, from a performance standpoint the integrity preforms better. The glass is the same. "

Here is what he is spec'ed:

Integrity Wood/Ultrex Double Hung Picture Window

  • Pebble Gray Exterior
  • Prefinished White Interior
  • LowE366 Argon Glass Package
  • 6 9/16 Jambs

And here are his installation notes:

  • Remove and Disposal of 4 windows

  • Install 6" Ice Guard/Sill tape on all window sill plates

  • Install field made Metal Pan on all sill plates(4" rise on jack studs)

  • Install new exterior cedar and interior trim casing

Are these great windows in this particular situation? I had heard that Marvins had no good drip edge on the sill, and without a subsill (which I won't have) it could cause an issue. I really like (and insisted) on the sill pan as a belt-and-suspenders approach so this can't happen again where the window fails inside and allows water in.

Anything else I missing that I should be looking at for?

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