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peace lily care

6 years ago

My sister has a peace lily, 3 years old, from her husband funeral. She does not have a green thumb, do she asked my help. It looked badly wilted, like it was dying. a few weeks ago I repotted it into a bigger pot, to give it room to grow so the roots are not strangled, and I trimmed the dead leaves off, I inserted 4 Jobes houseplant fertilizer sticks into the soil, and I've been watering it every few days, (but the water tends to drain straight out, I think the soil we

bought sucks). It looks better and greener than it did before, but the ends of the leaves are brown (I trimmed the ends of some of the leaves) and the plant still looks crowded and it won't grow tall and leggy like the other peace lillies, and it hasn't bloomed in years. Can somebody please offer me some advice on how to nurse this plant back?

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