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Dying Kumquat Tree - Help me save it!

I have a Dwarf Kumquat tree and it looks like it's dying. 3/4 of the tree has dried up - brown leaves, twigs are dried up, and I'm not sure what is going on?

It has been really hot for the past 2-3 weeks with temperatures ranging from 110 - 118. So I'm not sure if it's the heat/sunburn killing the tree. If so, could this be remedied by applying white paint the trunk?

As far as watering, it is not watered that often. I gave it some water the other day to soak but that hasn't helped any. I scraped away some of the fallen leaves around the base of the trunk and the soil is damp. I've read that if the soil is damp then no water should be added.

I haven't seen any insects crawling on leaves or anywhere either.

So I'm at a loss. Anyone have any advice? I really would like to save this tree.

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