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The Case of the New Citrus Owner & the Dying Kumquat Tree

8 years ago

Hello everyone. I have two problems here

I have had my kumquat tree for roughly 2 years now. It has never given fruit but has always looked pretty healthy out of what I could tell. I fertilize it each month with an 8-7-6 miracle grow fertilizer once per month and give it coffee grounds and green/black tea leaves when I have them. I live in Chicago where the weather has not been humid, so I keep it inside by a window where it receives direct sunlight from 7am-11am & indirect sunlight for the remainder of the day.

But about 3 months ago (July/august), I started randomly losing leaves on my tree. I found a ton of tiny white mites crawling around in the soil. Afraid that these bugs were attacking the roots of my tree, I tried to kill them with cold water.....and ended up shocking my plant and not affecting the bugs whatsoever.

My poor tree is obviously in poor condition. But the strange thing is that while the leaves have all died, the insides of the branches are still green. My tree does not seem to have officially died. Since then, I have been trying to boost the soil acidity & stimulate root growth with a rooting powder, but it doesnt seem to be working. I have done a good amount of research but cannot seem to find anything that would further help my current situation. Im sure by now, you have spotted a million things that I am doing wrong. Please help me! What are these bugs in my soil? Are they hurting my tree like I originally thought? And what can I do to save my kumquat tree???

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