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2-3 year old fig trees not ripening?! + Rooted small fig branch!!

7 years ago

Hello all!

I am a fig newbie, my desire to have a garden in my rental this year was big! So big along with my two fig trees I have loads of other vegetable and fruit plants! I got these beautiful trees one Celeste and LSU Purple for 40% off coming at a total of $45 for both of them! They already had loads of little figgies on them when purchased, so I decided to not do any major repotting, just loosen the roots and transfer them into a bigger pot to give the trees (which were in 5gal. pots at the time) room to expand and focus on fruiting more.

It is now almost July and for the past couple weeks I've noticed no growth on the figs, some even looked wrinkly like they were shriveling up! I quickly cut off half of the figs thinking the tree is still so young and 30-40 figs on each tree was to much for them.

So many question to all of the fig experts on this amazing page is:

One, I never got how old these trees actually are, how old do they look to you with your experience? Is there anyway I can tell for sure?

Two, did I do the right thing with cutting back half of the figs on the trees? In what way can I help these trees along with ripening?

Now to a fun story:

The LSU Purple I bought had a small branch at it's base, so during potting up I snapped the branch off and stuck the twig in a pot of dirt not expecting much from it.

It is now a month later and this twig has not only rooted itself but has new growth! Just goes to show how resilient and amazing these trees are! Just makes me fall in love with fig trees even more.

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