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Figs never ripen, but tree seems very healthy

17 years ago

I have a three year old fig tree that i bought at whole foods in a container. I dont know the variety. Quite a lot of fruit developed last year, but none ever ripened. I decided to dig it up and move it to a new spot since it is on the north side of my home, probably not getting enough sun or warmth. Unfortunately when i went to move it I realized it has established itself very well. The roots are very thick and it is truly a tree now. I dont think i could cut it down, never mind moving it. I live in Maryland just south of Baltimore. What to do? I'd like this one to have ripe fruit, or I am willing to start over with a new tree in a new location, but have no idea how to manage this one. Should I be concerned about foundation damage? this guy looks powerful.

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