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My Tomato Growing Plan Using Coir: From Seeds to Full Growth

Daniel Ogolo
7 years ago

I want to start my tomato seeds using home-made coco coir .

The reason I am using coir is because I want to avoid the transplant shock, So I will go ahead to transfer the entire sprouted plants together with its coir into a bigger coir in a Dutch Bucket system.

Seed Starting Mix:

Coco Coir (well washed to EC 0.5 and buffered to pH about 5.5-6.0).

10% Azomite Rock powder - Organic Trace Mineral & Soil Amendment (idea is to condition the medium with some natural elements that also will not pollute the Dutch Bucket Hydroponics system when I finally transplant)

10% Mycorrhizae (so the roots get beneficial fungi/microbes as soon as they emerge)

Water to soak.


Dust some water soluble fungicide on top of the coir covered seeds (to guard against fungus that appear).

When they sprout, I water from below with a mixture of Organic Earthworm Castings Fertilizer AND Hydroponics Mycorrhizae, (once a week) till about 8 weeks.

As the plants grow, I pour in more coir to cover the stem.



Transplant the entire content (plant and coco coir) into the Dutch Buckets

First water directly close to the plant roots with Hydroponics Mycorrhizae and allow for about 6 hours before starting the nutrient mix. (This is to further provide beneficial fungi/microbes to the roots)

Then start irrigating with 20-18-38 nutrient mix.

These ideas were collated after weeks of reading so many pages online, and not a single hands-on experience.

Advice needed pls.


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