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Please help me design my narrow 36" wide Pantry/Appliance closet!

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hello again!

One of my goals for my new kitchen is to keep everything off the counters (except for the toaster oven and expresso machine). Thus our "step-in" (not walk-in) pantry/appliance closet will house my stand mixer, rice cooker, and bread machine, among other things. These will sit on a countertop inside the 36" wide by 45" deep closet. The rice cooker and bread machine will be used inside the closet -- I will not be transporting in and out (the stand mixer will have to move to the kitchen island when I need to use it). I plan on having a 36" wide by 24" deep base cabinet with open shelving underneath and a countertop above where the mixer, bread machine and rice cooker will sit. About 17.5" above the base cabinet/countertop will be open shelving 12" deep.

1) Should I extend out the countertop on the right to make an "L" shaped counter? This way I can fit more appliances on the countertop? See pic below -- the blue tape on the floor to the right outlines where an 8" wide stripe of counter could extend past the main cabinet in an "L" shape. The two metal cups on the ground are the left and right points of the closet door (so the 8" wide counter would extend a little into the doorway since the door is only 5.5" from the left and right drywall). The last picture shows how I could potentially store the vita mix and food processor on that 8" strip. NOT extending the counter would give me more foot space though, and more flexibility to put random baskets and such on the closet floor.

2) Regardless of whether I extend the counter or not, should I have the upper open shelf storage wrap around all three sides of the pantry or just have the 12" deep open shelves on the back wall? The open shelving on the right and left walls would only be 4.5" or so deep to keep the closet from feeling too claustrophobic. If I just had the 12" deep open shelves on the back wall, the closet will feel roomier, but wondering if I could use the space more effectively for storage.

Thank you for your responses!

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