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Art/wall hanging for cathedral-ceiling wall...

8 years ago

Now that we've gotten to know this room, I have another query. Here is my original post with pics of the space.

Over the doorway to the left of the red loveseat, we have a section of wall sort of like this, except obviously my room is totally different. The space over the doorway is probably 4' high, so not as grand as this.

For 10+ years, we have had a big, goofy papier mache moose head hanging on the wall. I bought him for about $25 on ebay. I thought of it as a fun, temporary art installation (ha), and we have all enjoyed him -- he gets decorated for Christmas and currently sports a Red Sox hat and a silk floral lei. But, I am over him. And finally, so is DH.

DH wants to replace him with a bunch of these guys . I bought one to check it out, and ehhh... I don't know if I want to go this silly again. We've got plenty of whimsical touches in our house and I think we might be veering into circus territory if we take it too far.

If you have a wall like this -- do you have something interesting hanging there? I keep thinking about a wood wall carving sort of thing, like this (but round), and I think this is really cool but it might kill someone if it ever fell down!?

The other furniture in this area is fairly eclectic -- I've got what you see in the pics in the other link, the kitchen (which is just to the left) has shaker off-white cabinets and contemporary cherry island stools, kitchen table is a cherry top on an antique sewing machine base, and in the foyer and near the mudroom we have old English pine antiques...and in other nearby rooms we have Stickley Mission oak stuff. And we have a lot of original artwork/paintings but I don't see this as a place to hang something like that.


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