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Phoebe gone from nest platform :-( Why, I wonder?

7 years ago

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We had an eastern phoebe build a nest on a nest platform we put about 25 ft. up, under our eaves on the NW side of our house. The nest site was/is/should be well protected from rain and predators. Below is a gravel driveway with bordering shrubs, stacked firewood, raspberry patches and woods. Phoebe could regularly be seen hunting insects on the wing (sallying forth as phoebes do). More and more she was on the nest, apparently warming her eggs -- I didn't hear any peeps from nestlings (our bedroom widow is 7 ft. away and usually open).

Around 8 days ago, I noticed a phoebe closer to the front of the house on our front railing and mountain laurel branch, then flying up to an unused ? robin's nest on another platform under the eaves and soffit at the front of the house. Again, this nest and platform seemed very well protected from predators and rain.

At first I thought it was a different phoebe, perhaps making use of what looked like a robin's nest, recently built (25 days ago), but unused. A few days later, I realized it must be the gable, NW phoebe -- as she was no longer on her nest (on the gabled NW side of house about the driveway). What the? Egg or nestling demise? Owl?

We haven't had an opportunity to check either nest out (rain and we'd need to get out a tall extension ladder).

Our phoebe isn't even around the "robin's nest" now. No one is at either nest. Hard to believe that their were silent nestlings in the gable nest and they've already fledged. I didn't see any or much back and forth flights with food. Didn't hear any soft nestling twitters.

Do any of you have any ideas?

<beginning to wonder if house is cursed or weasels can fly or....>


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