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Long narrow hallway decorating ideas please!

8 years ago

Hi guys,
New to this site!
We've just moved into a new rental property which has a really long narrow hallway from the front door, then you turn the corner and you're in the living room. It's such a massive waste of space, so we just wanted to pretty it up a bit really!
I was thinking a nice long floor runner/rug but we would have to get 2 put together as it is such a long hallway, I don't think one exists that long! Also, as its a rental I can't fix things to the wall, however I did think of those no nails picture hangers. Even then I'm conscious that the hallway is already too narrow and will looked cramped if things are sticking off the walls. Then we thought about a skinny hall/console table but cant seem to find one thin enough!!! What do you think? Thanks in advance!

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