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Overwatered African Violet - How to re-root?

8 years ago


A friend gave me an African Violet about a month ago, in one of those pots that has two parts – the top is where the violet is potted, and the bottom is like a bowl that holds water. My friend told me to fill the bowl ½ way with water once a week and that was all I needed to do, so I did that but now I think the violet may have been overwatered and sitting in the bowl of water, and might be dying. Some of the bottom leaves were totally limp and looked like they were dying about 2 weeks ago. The leaves in the center are firmer but not as firm as when I got it. It had blooms when I got it but this past week the last of the blooms died (I assume that’s normal though since blooms don’t last forever).

Since it didn’t look great, I re-potted it in the Miracle Gro African Violet mix (I had also noticed that the stem was showing quite a bit and figured no matter what it needed re-potting). But it didn’t seem to get better. The soil felt very wet and soggy yesterday, so I re-potted it again and this time I mixed the African Violet soil with perlite (about ½ and ½) and potted it in that, but while doing that, I didn’t see any white roots (although it is harder to tell when they have wet dirt all over them…).

I read somewhere that maybe cutting all of the roots off and cutting off part of the stem would help, then I could re-pot it and re-root it. Is this the best course of action, and would I follow the same procedure as if I were rooting a cut leaf?

I guess my questions are:

1- Should I cut off the roots and re-pot?

2- Should I cut off roots and part of the stem and re-pot?

3- If I cut off the roots and stem, should I re-root in a plastic bag? What if I only cut off the roots?

4- Does anyone suggest doing anything with re-rooting the plant in water?

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