Horse Chestnut seedling with unusual looking leaves

6 years ago

I currently have two Horse Chestnut seedlings - one is about three weeks
old and already about 10 inches tall, the other is about ten days old
and about 6 inches tall. Both were inside until a few days ago when I
started to place them outside during the day, bringing them inside at

The oldest, tallest one looks great - it has a nice set of good sized leaves.

The youngest one is "strange" and I'm sure it's not the age as its leaves aren't developing in the same way.

The leaves on the eldest are broad, horizontal and flat.

The leaves on the youngest are curled back on themslves, almost like an
umbrella or a dome - in fact, a better example would be a palm tree
standing up to very strong winds. They are also a pale green while the
ones on the eldest seedling are darker in colour.

I picked up the seeds last autumn from different trees, although I don't
recall the mature trees looking any different to each other.

Maybe they are simply different species of Horse Chestnut and the
youngest one is simply like that because, well, that's the way it grows?

Each are in their own 20cm pot.

Any thoughts please?

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