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What are your favorite Tomatoes For Texas?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I am not very good at tomatoes, so I am interested in your experience. Please put in your best performing, best tasting , longest lasting , your soil characteristics, where you are in the state approximately, and how you prepare for planting. Am I asking for too much? Put down whatever you find important. I am wondering if I need to get off my lazy butt and do more on that end. AND what you do to trim, cage or fertilize them during the season..

I put in my tomatoes REALLY early this year, protected them with large 15 gallon pots turned over them cold nights, and I am about to pick my first large Celebrity and Juliana.. I have planted Celebrity, Black trim, Juliana or is it Juliet ( I forget), Phoenix hot set and Carmela.. I have had really good luck with Sungold and Julianna. They produce all summer almost and are disease resistant. The Celebrity seems to be the best performer for the large tomatoes but the black Krim taste so good. I am experimenting first time with Carmela and the Phoenix. I am always in the search for a heat setter and I thought anything with the word Phoenix in it must be good with heat. So far the Carmelas are loaded with tomatoes but they are not as mature as the Celebrity ( I put them in later) so so far they are good for me.

I live in the dirt-less part of Central Texas. You have heard me complain. This is a raised bed with bulk prepared soil from Natural Gardener and Geo Growers outside of Austin. Last year I did a major green manure treatment and this year I added compost. I use a flowering fertilizer from Lady Bug in the hole and I fertilize the plants ABOUT once a week ( I forget a lot) with a bit more of it. I plant them in sunken holes in the raised bed so when I water, the water stays around the root area and I can fill the bowl a couple of times. I do not have any drip irrigation because I am penny pinching lazy fool who stands out in the heat and waters the old fashion way. I do a simple Cage with 4' grid metal used for masonry slabs. I trim branches off the large tomato plants and limit branches to 3. I do not bother on the Juliana. They are more like a large oblong cherry.

I saw my first copulating harlequin bugs yesterday. They are dead but I need to do a really careful once over.

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