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have you replaced carpeted stairs with wood?

6 years ago

I have to get rid of the disgusting carpet in our new, old home that we moved into last fall. The stairs are the worst. I'd really like to replace the stairway carpet with wood. I got an estimate today and it's pricey. I'm pondering getting some more bids but the people I talked to so far are the ones who installed the other wood floor in this house (which are still beautiful after 15 years) and they have an excellent reputation. And I likely wouldn't go low bid anyway as I know there can be a difference in the grade of wood used, workmanship, etc. It would drive me nuts if the fit and finish wasn't good - gaps, etc.

Has anyone else had this done (not do it yourself)? How did it go? Any problems or complications? I'm wondering if I'm overly concerned about the quality of the workmanship.

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