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Tiny Guest Bathroom layout- will this work?

6 years ago

Hi All

We have a guest bath that is ~32 square feet and I'd love your thoughts/comments.

The main use will be for guests using the WC and more rarely house guests+ one of our kids using the shower.

We will need minimal storage, mainly TP and some toiletries. We will have a recessed medicine cabinet and a cabinet above the toilet so I'm not too concerned about a lack of storage.

There is a sliding pocket door for the entrance.

We found a compact toilet that is ~24.5 inches and are currently debating between a small pedestal sink or a shallow sink with vanity ( both ~10 inches deep). The vanity will give us some storage but I feel like the pedestal will make it look more open. Any thoughts on this?

Sink Choice 1

Choice 2

The shower is 32 inches wide and 48-54 inches long-this will have a frameless sliding door

The questions I have are:

  1. We have 32 inches *3 feet space that will be used by the toilet, sink and shower (not at the same time:). Any concerns about this, I know its small but we cannot make this any wider.

  2. Can we consider getting a slightly deeper vanity and encroach into this space a little more (maybe 16 inches vs current 10 inches)

3. I was considering a grey and white scheme for the toilet, will that be too dark for the space?

4. My last unresolved concern is space for hanging towels etc. I can have hooks on either side of the sink- I cannot find a sliding door with a horizontal handle to allow towels to hang on. Will this work?

Any other concerns? Thanks so much:-)

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