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Do you have sturdy baking sheets and/or pans you love?

8 years ago

Please post links to where I can buy your most beloved baking sheets and/or pans!

We currently have a motley crew of banged up, too-small, somewhat questionable baking pans/sheets of ignoble origin. Now that our new kitchen finally fully up and and running, we're addressing our major kitchen tool deficits as well.

Ideally, we'd like to purchase some good, solid workhorse pans/sheets that we can use for the rest of our cooking lives.


  • Dishwasher safe (I don't mind if they discolor in the dishwasher, as long as they still work)
  • Not coated in teflon
  • Fits in a typical 30" oven

Bonus points for:

  • Pans that come with lids.
  • Links to other major workhorse items in your kitchen that you also love. This definitely is not the only area in which our kitchen is not fully outfitted!

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