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Help me plan my little vegetable garden

Our "24 in. x 48 in. x 32 in. - 9 in. D Rustic Elevated Garden Bed" has been purchased and will be assembled next weekend. I am in SE Michigan and would like advice on how and when to plant stuff.

I would like to grow lettuce (bibb or butter) and lots of green onions. Also, cilantro and basil, green beans and maybe jalapenos.

I would like to grow the lettuce and green onions from seed. When should I sow seeds? I was thinking early May? Can you only grow lettuce once (as in, cannot replant more from seeds after harvesting because it will be too hot out)??? If so, what could I put in after picking the lettuce?

How about green beans? Should those be grown from seeds and if so, when should they be put in?

The herbs, strawberries and jalapenos -- I will be small plants, so I think I can figure those out.

My last question is a suggestion for the type of soil to fill this bed with.

Any and all advise will be appreciated.

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