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Jerry Baker Tonics and Alkaline water issues

Laurel Zito
8 years ago

I just got the new updated book of Garden Tonics. I want to say, I am a fan of Jerry Baker. He inspired me in the 70s when I did not even have a garden yet. I bought an older book in which the tonic contained baking soda, but now that is omitted. When I saw baking soda I was like Holy Alkaline. And then I think baking soda is actually some kind of salt. I am always trying to get my soil to be more acid. I am now doing some gardening in clay instead of sand, since I bought another house in Ukaih. Unfortunately the soil still was Alkaline even in the clay. It did not seem horribly Alkaline. Ukiah water is well water, and I don't know if it is Alkaline like San Francisco water. But, I did use the the old Whiskey idea. My boyfriend leaves some old whiskey out all night and in a cup and I started adding to the potting plants. But, when I got the book it says only one teaspoon of Whiskey. But, I got some great improvement in a potted Daphne when I used to Whiskey to try and kill some Garden symphylans (Scutigerella immaculata) It did not work, but the plant really took off. After the Whiskey sits out all night I think the alcohol evaporates. My plants are mostly in pots because it has been too hard to improve this clay soil. Its soft due to heavy rain, but the whole area was filled with invasive and undesirable plants with huge root system that have been not possible to dig out yet.

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