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My New Meyer Lemon Tree

I just bought a Meyer Lemon tree, it is about 6ft tall and it had a lot of blooms and leafs. Now, the leafs are disappearing and the tips of the branches are gone. It seems like something is eating them, I keep looking for a caterpillar or something similar and haven't found anything. It looks like it has tiny green lemons on the flowers, so I don't know what I can spray it with. I don't want to lose my beautiful tree. I had kept it in the garage and would bring it out during the day and put it inside the garage when it got about in the 40's. My husband just transplanted it into a larger pot. I've read some of the comments, but my leafs aren't turning yellow, they are just gone. What should I do? Thank you in advance for any help. I live in San Antonio, Tx. and have mild winters.

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