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Concrete or epoxy to cover old vinyl tile in basement?

8 years ago

My basement has old vinyl tiles, many of which are missing. I don't know if the tiles contain asbestos or not. They're old enough, but I have a partial package of tiles left behind by the previous owners, and there's nothing on the packaging or the tiles to indicate what's in them. In any case, from what I've been reading, the best course is to leave them undisturbed. I would like to cover them up with something that will give me a nice reasonably flat floor and is durable. I know a floating floor of some type is an option, but I'd like to explore coating the floor with -- something. Is that a possibility, and if so, what sort of coating am I looking for? Concrete? Epoxy? Something else? The basement is unfinished, so looks are not my primary concern. I do plan to hire a professional to do the floor. Thanks!

(Forgive me if this posts twice. It looks like my first effort to post wasn't successful.)