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Ideas on decline of Majesty Palms?

Dick Baker
8 years ago

I have two Majesty palms. One I bought in September, the other in November. I had three of them prior to these, and learned how to overwater, how to underwater, and learned about mealybugs.

With that knowledge, I had these two looking good for quite some time. I watered them just right. I misted them every night. I used distilled water or rain water. There was hardly even a brown tip on either.

In mid-January I had surgery, and was prohibited from lifting for a month. I was able to water the plants in place, but was not able to water them so heavily as to have lots of water running out the bottom of the pots. Nor was I able to mist them.

Since my surgery, both plants developed a lot of browned leaves, both tips as well as some browning even to the middle of the leaves. They look bad.

I thought about spider mites, but the plants are on opposite sides of the room, and none of the other plants in the room show any signs of mite damage.

Is it possible the palms got accustomed to being misted, then the leaves dried out too much when not misted?

I thought for sure I'd learned how to care for these.

Thanks for any replies.

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