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Advice for unfinished oak butcher block countertops . . .

8 years ago

Hello all. I have read numerous information on the web about butcher block countertops and honestly I feel less prepared on how to "treat" the wood than I did originally. I have ordered the countertops from Lumber Liquidators in the Builder Oak. I would like the wood to be a darker color though, so I wanted to stain it before I seal the wood . . . however, I am getting mixed information on staining versus treating??? I read one blog that detailed step by step sanding, staining, and then using several coats of Waterlox . . . but on Waterlox's website it strongly recommends only using on raw wood (no stains first)??? I am so confused!

On a side note, I never intend on using the countertop as a cutting block. It will be installed in my whole kitchen, so there will be a sink cut out and then also a slide in oven/range cut out in my island.

Thank you so much for any input you can give!


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