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Butcher block insert in marble island, advice please

15 years ago

I'm putting Carrara marble on my island. It's 12 feet long, much longer than any slab. I'd like to avoid a big seam down the middle of my island, so I'm thinking about including a 24" by 30 or 36" butcher block next to the prep sink. My plan is to have the countertop people template for the marble once the butcher block is set in place by my carpenter.

Here's a Christopher Peacock kitchen with a butcher block insert on the island:


This is how it would look on my island (mine wouldn't be centered):


Here's the Boos butcher block I'm considering, 4" thick, 25" deep, in either 30" ($620) or 36" ($741) width:

My biggest concern is how to seal the cracks between the marble and butcher block. If I use silicone, will that allow the wood to expand and contract? Any idea if there is a way to install the block onto my cabinets that would allow me to remove it in the future if it needed to be sanded or replaced?


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