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Help! My mother repotted my phal orchid in regular soil. What to do?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Newbie here. I have one orchid that I received last year for Mother's Day. I believe it is a phalanopsis (sp?) as my daughter picked it out from the grocery store. It has been doing fine, it bloomed once, I feed it ice cubes once a week.
Recently it has begun to produce rather large bulbs and so I'm guessing it will bloom soon. The roots have been coming out of the rather small pot that it came in.
I was planning on doing some research into what type of soil/mix to use. My mother was babysitting and while I was away she decided to re pot it into another larger pot (she said because the roots were coming out). She used regular MIracle Grow potting mix (NOT a specific orchid soil mix).
Now I"m worried about this orchid. I've read you shouldn't re pot it when it is in bloom (it looks almost ready to bloom) and apparently regular potting soil is bad for orchids.
What do I do? Repot now in orchid mix? Leave it be until after it's done blooming? Thank you!!

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