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Need insulation advice

8 years ago

We're trying to figure out what will give us the best bang for our buck for insulation. We are building in the far southeast corner of Alabama so we have pretty mild winters but really hot and humid summers. Just to give as much information as I can think of about our house:

About 2900sqft under HVAC downstairs, about another 1000sqft under HVAC upstairs in the form of a bonus "area" mostly over garage but over some living space as well, ducts will be running in the attic, foundation is a crawl space, all exterior walls will be framed with 2x6, there will be a wood burning stove in the common area (an open area shared by kitchen, dining room and living room), we're planning on doing trusses that have the floor joists integrated in for the bonus area

I'm sure there are more considerations but I'm drawing a blank right now. We've gotten quotes for everything from fiberglass batts to open cell foaming the entire envelope. I just want to know what is going to give us the best value for where we are. It seems like, based on another thread, that a lot of you are high on dense cellulose. Would it be an option to put dense cellulose in the walls and then open cell in the top of the attic? Is there anything we need to do for the floor joists in the crawl space? I have two concerns about the crawl space, one would be a little bit of sound deadening and the other would be to try to keep the tile floor from being as cold as possible.

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