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Professional advice needed! Basement insulation

6 months ago

Hi, Houzz community

You have been super helpful giving me ideas with previous design dilemmas and challenges. Hope I can get some expert advice here again!

We are adding an exit door to backyard by opening the basement concrete wall. Our house was built in 2015, and builder had insulated like below. Are these called blanket wraps? We don’t feel like we need any additional insulation.

That said, since we are opening a hole here and had to take out the insulation for this wall.

Question is: what is best insulation in this case?
Our basement is almost all above grade with only 1.5’ below grade. And we don’t have any water or moisture issues in the last 7 years.

Should we keep existing insulation and add frame right next to it? Or should we take these out use digit foam insulation glued to concrete and then frame? That will be a lot more costly.

Thanks a lot!


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