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Feb. FOTESS Anything But Flower Seeds Swap!

8 years ago

Morning, Everyone and welcome to the Feb. FOTESS Swap!

First of all, a HUGE thank you to Heidi for hosting the January FOTESS Swap! I know everyone enjoyed it! THANK YOU!!

And, FOTESS is a members only group, and if you would like to join, we would love to have you. Contact Jeanne/sandlapper_rose, or me, sjc48 for info on how to join in the fun!

This is going to be a very simple swap and as you can tell, we will be trading Anything But Flower Seeds this month! I don't think we've ever done a Veggie seed swap here at FOTESS, so I thought it might be fun and a little different. Fruit and Herb seeds are also welcome!

As you all probably know, February is American Heart Month, and Valentine's Day is in there somewhere too, so the seeds that you send will produce Red, White or Pink Veggies, Fruits or Herbs! Example: red or white radishes and of course, the ubiquitous tomato! Is there a pink veggie or herb?

You will be sending 2-4 packs of seeds with a "Heart" card and you will have until the end of the month to send out. NO PACKAGES, PLEASE.

Sign-ups will be held until February 6th and I'll post partners on the 7th.

As soon as sign-ups close, I'll be posting a Veggie, Fruit and Herb Bingo, and we'll also be playing "What Are We?"

So, who would like to trade red, white or pink veggie seeds? How about herbs or fruits? Come on out and join in!


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