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new: fotess snowflake sweetheart swap: begins jan. 2015

8 years ago

Snowflake Sweetheart Swap: a True Round Robin Swap for FOTESS (Friends of the Earth Simple Swaps)

First of all, FOTESS swaps are limited to members of FOTESS. If you would like to join please get in touch with me or Shirley (sjc48).

It's anticipated that the Jan. FOTESS Swap is likely to be for both Jan. and Feb. because of the time taken for the package to get from one member to the next. I had this idea about making it a true round robin. In keeping with the months, the items will be white - the color of snow, or red or pink - the colors associated with Valentine's Day. The package will be started by me and go from person to person for those who sign up. I will post a list so everyone has an idea of when the package might arrive for her.
It will start out with 12 packs of seeds and 5 small appropriately colored items. Those who sign up for the swap can take out and replace up to 10 items when the box or padded envelope comes to them, but cannot take all of the seeds or all of the non-seed items. They will replace the number they take so it stays at 12 packets of seeds and 5 small items.

Seeds: A reasonable number in each pack and remember that the flower, fruit, vegetable or foliage must be our colors of WHITE, PINK, and RED which means that all or part of the flower, foliage and fruit or vegetable must be white, pink, or red. Please keep some variety to the seeds so we have some flowers and some veggies. We don't want there to be only 12 varieties of tomatoes or beets when it reaches the next person.

Non-seed items: Small, lightweight and non-breakable and also in the colors white, pink, or red so this can be sent around in a padded envelope. If someone prefers to mail in a box, that's fine but let's make sure those who want to use an envelope can do that. Things like a yard of ribbon or lace, a packet of tissues for in a purse, a bookmark, a fat eighth of fabric, a few vintage buttons, stickers or embellishments, a raspberry teabag or envelope of raspberry hot chocolate, etc. You'll probably think of excellent additions that I haven't listed.

Going along with this will be a poem that we will add to on the thread. Add a line when your package arrives. It will help out the next person if the last word can be easily rhymed with something, but we'll work it out even if it doesn't. Shirley can tell us what the style of poetry is that doesn't rhyme.
My starting line is:

January arrived in little white puffs of snow.

Sign up by Jan. 7.
I will mail to the first person on Jan. 8th. Please try to mail out within 2 days of when you receive it so we can keep it moving on its way and let's have everyone add a tracking number and post it to the thread when you mail so if it stalls someplace we can see what happened. If there's a time you can't manage to mail it back out quickly, e-mail me and I'll try to put you on the list at a time that's convenient for you. I hope everyone enjoys the swap!

So here we go with our list:
Jeanne (sandlapper_rose)

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