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What floors to use in bedrooms when rest of house original hardwood?

Inherited the 1950 built, brick, 1300 sf home I grew up in, and we're moving there (semi-retirement) this summer. Much to do as the house has been cared for but not lived in for 10 years.

Beautiful, original, refinished, hardwood floors or mosaic tiles are in every room save two of the bedrooms and the hall. These rooms have (what is likely) asbestos tile covering the original floor, and have for decades been covered with carpet.

I don't think I want to go the asbestos removal route due to the time and expense involved. And I definitely don't want carpet. I want a hard, easy to clean surface as in the rest of the house, but I am concerned about it "complementing" the original hardwoods.

I am considering a "honey oak" parquet, as I did an entire townhouse with it in 2004 and loved it.

Any ideas/suggestions appreciated. I've attached images of the parquet from my old house and the hardwood floor I'm looking to complement.

Thanks all.

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