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Getting set up for a guest to use wireless for a laptop

I don't really know where to begin.

I have a PC and my ISP is broadband that travels via towers and then there is equipment on a pole at my house and the service is wired from there to my PC.

I have a Dell Insperion 570 PC.

My guest who will be visiting has a laptop that she is uses at home via a wireless ISP.

If I would like to set it up so that she could use her laptop wirelessly here at my house, what would I need to get or do?

I don't want to switch the wired service from my PC to her laptop. Would I have to get something from my ISP or do I need to buy something elsewhere?

tia...oh, and please try to keep it very simple. I'm quite computer challenged yet.


I'm guessing that I will need to get something from my ISP.

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