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Opinions on brass hardware & mixing metals in the kitchen.

7 years ago

The more I browse, the more I love seeing photos of kitchens with brass hardware. I also love seeing th brass hardware mixed with other metals and finishes.

What are your opinions on brass hardware? And on mixing brass with other metals?

Do you think it's something that only looks good in professional photos and awful in real life?

I am someone who has taken risks in all aspects of my life...until it came to building a home. Going for black interior doors has been such a scary decision for me, so should I play it safe on the kitchen hardware or go for something I *think* that *might* love?

We have a stainless steel hood, range top and fridge, a polished chrome pot fillet and faucet and polished nickel RH Benson pendants.

All opinions welcomed - polite and otherwise! Thank you!

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