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More vanity questions - spacing to wall

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I'm starting a new thread, after establishing that Ikea kitchen cabinets to create a custom vanity are one option (we are renovating our kitchen Ikea with granite counters, and 2 bathrooms at the same time). However the option will be more expensive both in materials and contractor time than purchasing a pre-made vanity with top and sink all in one.

We have 2 full baths to be renovated and I want the vanities to match, for continuity. The hall bath has a 66" vanity with toilet beside it, so it shouldn't be an issue there are lots available around that size and we could go a few inches more or less.

The master however has a 104" wall on the left currently all vanity, and tub/shower on right with partition wall and then toilet. It's a fairly large bathroom with plenty of space in the "aisle" even if it doesn't look it from this photo due to the narrow door (which we are replacing with a pocket door to prevent opening into the shower):

So if I were to go with freestanding furniture-style vanities (which my husband likes more than I do due to cleaning hassle) and there would be space one both ends of the vanity between the counter and wall would it look better to have minimal space - a few inches - or to go for a larger space of 1' or so?

For example this is a 93" vanity it would leave only 11" total space so about 5.5" either end. (These are just examples of some I like not final choices - not sure about the multi-level counter functionality)...

and this is an 82" so there would be 22" of space or about 11" both ends, and also available as 87" which of course would leave 26" space or 13" each end.

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