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Re-roofing: Should this pass inspection?

6 years ago

We recently re-roofed our house with Girard stone coated steel. It has a grid of 2x2s on the roof below the steel roofing, on top of the black felt underlayment stuff (sorry - I don't know the correct terminology). Some of the decking sheets were replaced (I think about 10 sheets). My husband noticed when he was in the attic that there are 4 square cutouts in the decking which are about 10 inches x 10 inches. They look like holes that were cut for vents or something like that, but then were not used. We do not know if the holes are in the new or old decking. The steel roofing was placed over the holes, so there is only the underlayment, the air gap from the 2x2 grid, then the steel roofing.

Is this ok? We complained to the roofing company but have not heard back yet. I am also wondering if this will pass inspection?

Thanks for your help!

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