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MNF (revisited), New Beginnings Seed Swap

Dan Coates
8 years ago

Years ago there was a group here called MNF, which stood for Making New Friends. Basically it was a group of people who came together to swap seeds and plants based on a monthly theme, and people were to free to participate in the group as long as they had a good history on the Garden Web. Those who did not fulfill their requirements for a monthly swap lost their participation privileges until they made good on the swap they still needed to fulfill. I'm thinking that since January will be the start of a new year, perhaps it is time to give the MNFers a new start as well.

Rules: 1) Anyone over 18 may sign up.

2) Sign-ups will be allowed until December 25th (that should be easy to remember, right?)

3) This swap will be for 5 packets of seeds, which will need to be mailed

out by January 5th.

4) To sign up, post that you'd like to participate here within this thread, and then

email your name, address, and garden web name to me at

5) On December 26th, I will post here who is mailing to who. You can then contact one another for your mailing address, or you can contact me since I'll also have that information.

And that's it! In the meantime, while we're waiting for December 26th to get here, feel free to introduce yourself and tell us all about your gardens, pets, and whatever, and also post pics if you wish. Let's all get to know one another, and who knows? You just might make some new lifelong friends!


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