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new: october mnf scared my plants off halloween seed swap

10 years ago

Welcome ghoulies! Old and new ghouls are invited to participate. This swap is open to everyone, requiring only that you are a GW member age 18 or over.
Halloween goblins scare my pants off and the threat of cooler weather and shorter days is scaring the seeds right off my plants! Yours too?
Those seeds won't have to be afraid if we collect them and share them around with other gardeners so that they can live another season.

This is my favorite time of year and this month's swap will reflect the special features of the season. Here are the rules.

1. Sign up on this thread by October 8.

2. You will receive the same number of packs you send in unless there are extras available, and then you may receive more. If you send mostly ornamentals you will receive mostly ornamentals in return, if you send mostly vegetables, you will receive mostly vegetables. Please send no more than 3 packs of any one variety or cultivar.

3. The minimum number of packs to send is lucky number 13. The most to send is 4 times thirteen- 52 packets. Any over 52 packets will be considered extras. You can send any seeds you want, but try to include a few that reflect autumn, harvest time or Halloween. Seeds with scary names or that bloom or produce fruits in colors like orange, purple, black, blood get the idea, would be great choices. For example, you could send orange Calendulas or Carrots, Bloody Butcher Tomato, Black Scabiosa, Pumpkins, Gourds, herbs used for spells, Eryngium Miss Wilmott's Ghost, etc.

4. Seeds should be no older than 2012 and although there is no need to send stuffed packets they should contain enough seeds to insure a reasonable chance of successfully germinating a few specimens. I hate to assign numbers but would stipulate no fewer than 8 seeds for super large seeds like Castor Beans, for instance, and no fewer than 15-20 seeds for smaller seeds. Practically speaking I don't need any more small seeds than I do large ones, but it is nice to be able to see them in the pack.

5. You will put your seeds in the mail to me no later than October 18. I will provide my address once signups are closed. If not mailed timely I will return your package unopened. I want to get them back out in time to arrive for Halloween. In addition to the seeds you will include a return mailing label and stamps according to this schedule:
If you send 13 packs-2 first class stamps
If you send 26 packs-3 first class stamps
If you send 39 packs-3 first class stamps
If you send 52 packs -4 first class stamps

This is not a wish list swap and will not be open to side trades, but if you have a GW "want" list I will be reviewing them in case there is a match.

For entertainment we will play Disappearing Bingo once sign ups's are closed. You may play or not, as you like. A prize will be awarded to the winner. More information about that forthcoming.

That's it. I hope you will jump on the hayride with me and savor the season. I'm saving you a spot on the bale right next to mine....

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