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new: mnf september migratory perennial swap

13 years ago

The August swap is well on it's way, so we'll go ahead and begin the September swap now. I'm calling it the Migratory Perennial Swap because September is when birds start to gather themselves together, waiting for that special moment when they all take flight and begin their trek to their Winter homes. When we swap plants amongst ourselves, we're treating our plants like those birds, sending them to new homes where they will hopefully prosper and multiply. The rules for this swap are going to be extremely simple, and are as follows...

1) All players should be at least 18, and live within the United States.

2) I'm asking that all players send at least (5) different types of plants to their partners. You can send (3) varieties of daylilies, but for this swap, that'll count as just (1) type of plant.

3) If you wish to send seeds, bags, trinkets, etc., that is fine, but NOT a requirement. I want to keep this simple and inexpensive. We all have a lot of things going on at this time of year, what with sending the kids off to school, re-stocking the liquor cabinet, beginning to prepare for when the in-laws arrive for the holidays, etc.

The purpose for these swaps is to have some fun while sharing our common addiction... gardening. So, to make sure we all have fun, we're keeping it simple.


September 3rd: Last Day for Sign-ups

September 4th & 5th: Be able to check in to play a game to choose your partner! We're gonna play a game to do this.

September 6th: If all partners have been picked, I'll announce who you are sending to.

September 7th-13th: Send out your boxes unless other arrangements have been okayed by me.


-Dan & the Wee Beasties

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