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OBF Christmas Stocking Stuffer Swap

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Our Blooming Friends Swap Group was created to have a reliable, fair and safe haven to swap and trade between group members. If you care to join us, we would love to have you.
Please be a successful member of GardenWeb and have completed a trade with two or three of our members. Membership requests should be sent to Shirley [Brittneysgran] Please take a moment to read our rules:

1. Have fun!
1.Send your swap by posted deadline for each swap.

2.No bickering; This is meant to be fun for everyone.

3.Send things that you yourself would want to receive.

4.Always include a Delivery Confirmation number and post it when you send the package.

5.Always post what you receive from your swap partner.

6.You will be required to replace a swap package that does not make it to your partner, for any reason. Also you'll be required to replace any item that arrive broken or lost in transit. Thank-you!

7.New members will be required to send their trades first, for the first two swaps.

OBF Christmas Stocking Stuffer Swap

So, sign ups begin now...when you sign up please tell Santa what is on your wish list. I want to give people a chance to mail early before the holiday rush. Let's say to mail your stocking by Dec. 14th so it has time to be received for Christmas.

Fill a regular size Christmas stocking (You can make one or buy one) and add whatever little things you think your recipient will like or that comes from their wish list. It would be nice for many of them to be garden-related: packets of seeds, bulbs, homemade seed packets, a gardening book or magazine, plant markers, small notebooks - things like that, but you can add Christmas things, too, like an ornament for the tree. Be sure and include a Christmas card. These just suggestions.

Keeping in mind the thought and spirit of the season as every gift comes from the heart. I know it's Christmas, but please don't spend "in excess." I am not setting a specific dollar amount, but no one should feel like they need to spend $40 or more on a stocking and gifts.

if someone signs up for the swap and you want to send your stocking to them, you can send a private message to me asking to match you so that you can send to them. I will match you with that person if no one else has asked for her/him before you do. However, don't be naughty - no telling anyone who you will send to. (I will let you know by PM soon after you ask if you can send to the person you requested - that way if you get that person, you can shop early having in mind what they like.)
The reason not to tell is Santa wants Christmas to include some surprises!

Post pictures of your stockings when you receive them.

Wishing everyone the best this Christmas Season.
I hope we have lots of participation and lots of fun! If you have any questions, just ask.

Have a Beautiful Day!


I will be posting some games soon.

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