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New: OBF - December - Sing the Bloomin Christmas Carol

12 years ago

Our Bloomin Friends is memberhsip group of regular participants having the option to join a swap here each month. Membership is required in order to participate. If you want more information about becoming a member, contact Shirley or Carol.

Here are our garden ladies all decked out for the holidays. Are you ready for Christmas? Oh, my, it's only November... but Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we are all beginning to think of the man with the red suit and the white hair and all that has to be done between now and then!

I want to post this so you can start to sign up if you wish. Signs ups should be completed by Dec. 5th and all packages should be mailed out by Dec. 12th in the hopes they may arrive in time for Christmas! You know how mailing gets this time of the year.

So what is this about "Sing the Bloomin Christmas Carol?"

Each person who signs up will secretly select a Christmas carol upon which to base her package. Don't tell! The way we will find out the carol you chose is that you will include a note in the box that you send and after the recipient receives the package, she can post to the group about what the carol was and the items included. You will send itens that relate to the carol in some way. For example, if I selected Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer, I could send things that are red, something with a reindeer design on it, etc. Remember the world of gardening - some seeds that produce red flowers would fit in nicely, too. I suggest that the contents of the package you send should not cost more than $12 and less is fine if you are inclined to make handmade items or find a great bargain on something. This is a time when everyone wants to do so much and the cash starts to run a little thin as we know. As one of the items you send you can certainly bake cookies or make candy or make an ornament if you like! You can also send seeds from your garden - think about how much they cost in the store. We really would like you to join in. Once you sign up, you can shop ahead of time for this one - just think of your Christmas carol and get started!

Between Thanksgiving and when I assign swap partners on Dec. 6th, we will play a game or two relating to Christmas carols and maybe I can post some trivia or other entertainment.

I am signing up for this one - who else? Happy Holidays and don't forget to leave some cookies for Santa.


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