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Laundry Mich
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

What the heck is Mitch talking about?

Well.... I did the craziest of things. I bought more American-Persil. More specifically, I decided to give Persil "Power Pearls" another shot.

I'm not sure... what it is, about this Detergent, that is so different. But... I tried using a little over a 1/4 a cup of Persil, very generous dosing imo. And gave it another whirl at my whites.

Ehhhhhh. Not only did nothing come out actually CLEAN. But.. I swear odors from other shirts, and socks transferred to everything. Everything... had a slight, grey hue to it as well. My whites aren't that dirty. The biggest challenge is typically small little stains on 1-2 shirts like a dripped sauce, or... slightly dirty socks.

I swear... even when I tried Xtra, things weren't this bad. But... I wanted to give this detergent a fair chance, since the reviews are somewhat mixed.

Also.... Henkel/Dial America sent me some Coupons for Persil, after I called in saying how horrible it was. I picked up two bottles of Persil Pro Clean Liquid, which isn't so bad for lightly stained, delicate clothes. For some reason... the fragrance smells much fresher, cleaner. I almost wonder if some of the scent, has died off in the original bottle I have.

I'll mention this again. The American Liquid, does leave cottons feeling cared for... but the lack of cleaning performance leaves a lot to be desired. I'll keep it around for things that I'd normally use Tide Total Care for.

I still don't know what you guys see in this awful stuff. This stuff is a insult to the Persil brand. I know it's crazy getting worked up about this... but no one was more excited than me, when I heard this was coming to store shelves. I thought... Finally, we're getting Persil. An amazing brand, in America. But.... it's nothing like Persil :(

Just... Disappointing. I wish I could find real Persil on the shelves of everywhere. People would be amazed at the stuff.

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