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New French Doors Installed By Contractor.. Leaks same day. Normal?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago


I am a new home owner and we had sliding doors for our patio doors that came with the home . Never had issues with water coming in until we just had french door installed on our kitchen side heading out to pool deck and living room area that leads out to pool deck as well. 1 is outswing /left handed (living room) and kitchen is outswing right handed.

We had a salesman talk to us about french doors and purchased everything from him which I guess he hired a contractor to do the install for us. Installation took about 2 days to complete for them and told us he had to cut the slab which would void our warranty from where they got the french doors
On the same day that the french doors were finally finished/installed/ door knobs everything looked fine with us until it started raining 5 hours after they completed.
Saw at the bottom of the glass little water was dripping down so we had to place a towel so that water wont damage are laminate floors
We called the installer back and told them water was getting inside, he said it must be that the rain washed out the caulk and he will come the next to fix
I got a little worried and checked on forums about leaks from french doors to see if it maybe installers fault or door defect. I took photos from our 2 french doors bottom & top.

I also noticed at the bottom and top of french door I can see small light coming in which small air can get out. Are these doors suppose to be air light tight or is that little light showing normal?

Could someone tell me if this is indeed a bad install job, or pretty normal on new installations or just door defect?

Note. I don't believe this is a pre-hung french door cause the day before it got installed a truck came to deliver these big frames & door slab with door hinges already installed on them
Here's the photos after day 1 when doors were completely installed/finished with doors closed

1st french door (living room headed out to pool deck)

Bottom of french door:



2nd French Door (Kitchen out to pool deck) - Bottom

Bottom of 2nd French Door Showing From Outside

Endura brand showing on side of door

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