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What do you recommend for an internet-connected thermostat?

7 years ago

I have two houses for which I would like internet-connected thermostats. I would like them to be simple to use, without unnecessary buttons, etc. but with programmability and remote-controllability. Neither house has air conditioning nor air-handling systems.

The main house has 1890s-era gravity-fed hydronic radiators with no pumps (single zone). Lowes was having a sale on their Iris system, so I bought it, but am not too wild about it.

The vacation house is brand new and has in-floor hydronic radiant heat, using two Honeywell Aquatrol units to provide control for eight zones, with eight zone valves. The builder installed Honeywell manual thermostats and I want to replace the one in the most critical part of the house with one like what I described above. The HVAC supplier recommends AGAINST Nest and Lyric units, as being excessively complicated for my system.

I would like both houses to have similar thermostats, so that I can use one smart phone application for both. Any comments/suggestions?

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