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Blank wall space in dining room ... revisited

8 years ago

Here I go again. Those of you who are sick of my obsessions (and doubtless there are many - sick people AND obsessions ;-)) should just stop reading now. Those who are still with me on this ridiculous "gotta figure it all out" journey, please let me know what you think!

I'm still (STILL!) pondering what to do, if anything, with the wall space beneath the glass block window in the dining room. It's already been established that nothing in this space can change - furniture can't be reoriented, and a piece of furniture cannot go beneath the window. As you know, I've pondered a number of things that just haven't been quite right.

Today I found this pre-owned Native American dance shawl for sale. I really like it. I'm not Native American but greatly admire the culture and have witnessed many a beautiful woman participate in fancy dance during a powwow wearing one of these beauties. It would be meaningful to me to own this. It's roughly the same width as the window, and doubled over it should fit in this space nicely. It occurred to me that the cats might be attracted to the fringe, but I actually think they won't probably won't pay it too attention.

First of all, how would this look here? If you think it would be a good addition, how should I consider hanging it?

I know many of you think I should just let the space be, and not hang anything here. But when I find something that I think just might work ... I have to ponder it. I just have to. ;-D

Here's the room currently:

And here's the shawl:

And finally, here's an absolutely pitiful mockup of the shawl hung in the space:

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