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Seed Purge 2015

8 years ago

Looks like no one is picking up the
Seed Purge this year, so I'll go ahead and host it, since it was a
blast last year.

This is a two part swap.

PART 1: This is a straight up
seed swap. Send in up to 100 packs. Whatever you send in will be the
amount that I return to you.

  1. No seeds older than 2014. Please
    date your packs.
  2. Put your GW name or initials on
    your pack.
  3. Seed counts – Use your best
    judgment. Send a number you would be happy to receive of that
    particular seed.
  4. No more than three packs of the
    same cultivar.
  5. Package Part 1 seeds separate from
    Part 2.

PART 2: This is for your one on
one seed trades. Post a Have/Want list in the thread below. Have something someone
wants? Propose a trade. See something you want? Propose a trade.

  1. All packs must be clearly labeled
    with "To:____ From:_____." If you are sending more than one pack to a
    participant, please package them all in a single, marked bag. (No
    paper clips or rubber bands, please. They come dislodged in the
  2. Keep track of your trades! The
    easiest way to do this is to keep your Have/Want list on this thread
    updated with seeds going out, as well as seeds coming in. Ultimately
    you're responsible for your own side trades.
  3. Package Part 2 seeds separate from
    Part 1.

SHIPPING: Use a bubble mailer,
as this is what I will use to return your new seeds. Include a return
label with your address on it, as well as the postage it cost you to
send, plus one additional stamp. This will help account for potential
differences in weight/bulk. If you send cash, instead of stamps, I
will ship your pack first class and supply you with a tracking number
– this is my preferred method. And remember... Tis the season for
slow mail. If you want to see your pack sometime this year, consider
cash over stamps.

EXTRAS: Anything you send in
marked as “extra” will be distributed between participants. This
can be seeds older than 2014, seeds you have way too many of, ect.

All one-on-one trades must be completed by Nov 27th. Deadline to get seeds to me is Dec 7th. Please remember that
shipping is slower during the holidays, so plan accordingly. Return
seed packages will be sent out by December 14th.

Send seeds to:

Erica Braun

1894 Lindo St

Benicia, CA 94510

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